Dourie Farming Company Ltd.

Our Passion

Simplicity drives success and we cannot operate without our excellent, skilled staff

Our vision is to make our business environmentally and economically fit for the future. Farming businesses are complex, but they need not be complicated: simplicity drives success. We try to understand the root cause of complicated situations, to see through the noise, as it were.

At a day-to-day production level this means we focus on one element of the animal’s natural life cycle at a time. In the dairy we calve between February and April, breed between May and July, and dry off between November and Christmas. When spring emerges the cows are fed on grass, which grows incredibly well in this part of the world and they turn it into the super food that is milk.

With the pigs, we also batch-farrow, feed and wean over a three-week cycle in an environment that provides the highest welfare and productivity possible. In every aspect of our work we strive to be technically and financially proficient so that the animals and business can flourish.

Farms in Scotland are generally family businesses and whereas family companies can become complicated it is important for us to have a simple, well-governed system. Gregor runs the pig unit and Rory looks after the dairy. We don’t interfere in each other’s unit, but we talk to and consult each other almost every day.

We simply cannot operate without our excellent, skilled staff. We look to work with dedicated and passionate people and want to deliver the benefits that hard work and commitment deserve. We provide a work-life balance that allows all of us to achieve what we need to. We are also approved placement providers for three colleges.

Pathfinder Carbon Report

Improving the sustainability of agricultural production is key to achieving our national and international carbon and biodiversity goals and for that reason, this Carbon Baseline report was commissioned. We’d encourage you to have a read.


Back in 2020, Rory was a guest on the OnFARM rural podcast and, to this day, his episode remains the most listened too since the podcast began over 75 episodes ago!