Dourie Farming Company Ltd.
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Dourie Farming Company Ltd.

Our Story

The Dourie Farming Company Ltd. was formed in 1954 by our grandfather, Henry Burns Christie, grown by our father, Robin Christie and now owned and run by us, brothers Rory and Gregor Christie.  

Our operations are all located close to the small fishing villages of Port William and Monreith, in the Machars of Wigtownshire, near to Newton Stewart in Dumfries and Galloway.

The Machars of Wigtownshire is an area of low-lying agricultural land and a safe haven for wildlife and people alike.

The Dourie Farming company currently runs a 200-sow pig business, and an 1100-cow dairy enterprise.

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Our Passion

Dourie is a family business that puts its people centre stage. Values of hard work, loyalty, attention to detail, innovation and cooperation run deeply through everything it does. 

The Christie family strive for success by working with great people on great land.

With the help of these incredible assets, we run our business with increasing attention to the needs of the wider food system and a detailed understanding of animal welfare and environmental conservation

Here on the West Coast, we are using our land in the most productive way possible – all the while helping to preserve it for future generations.

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Our Produce

The dairy side of the Dourie Farming Company Ltd. has adopted, and adapted, a pastoral style grazing model with a focus on soil, grass, herd management and breeding.  

All milk goes to the Caledonian Cheese Company, owned by Lactalis, in Stranraer who seek out high-protein milk which our pastoral grazing system lends itself to perfectly.

The Airlour pig unit is based on a high-output indoor model, designed to meet the highest of welfare standards while delivering world -beating performance. Pigs are marketed via Scotlean a farmer-owned pig marketing cooperative and the operation is the highest output pig farm in Scotland.

In addition to the pig and dairy enterprises, the Dourie Farming Company Ltd. sells around 5000 Christmas tree per year and maintains some cottage rentals.

Our Vision

The true value that farmers can bring to our planet remains a largely untapped resource. The food system of the UK continues to demand more for less – driving farming harder than ever before.

We believe that this can change and we work hard, through our involvement with organisations such as Scottish Agricultural Organisations Society the NFU Scotland, and others, to demonstrate the enormously positive impact that farming can have in the fight against climate change.

As farmers we need to need to adapt, read market signals, adjust our behaviour, work together and think about how we sustain our planet for future generations

As consumers, we must change transport habits, buy local, eat a balanced diet, and demand high welfare and environmental standards over and above cheap food if we wish to see future generations thrive.

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Our latest News

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